Super 6L80 Transmission build

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Send us your 6L80 transmission and we'll transform it to the most reliable unit there is anywhere!

  • Complete rebuild with all new gaskets, seals, rings & filter. New pistons & retainers where needed.
  • Century's custom Power Packs in the, 3/5/Rev & 2-6 clutch packs, made with ALTO G3 HP clutch discs and custom Koleen treated steel plates.  ALTO G3 HP's friction material incorporated with additional plates added to the clutch packs for a major increase in capacity!
  • Raybestos or B&W h/d frictions in the low/rev clutch pack & 1/2/3/4 pack.
  • 300m Billet Intermediate Shaft (output carrier shaft-4/5/6 hub) with improved thrust bearing. Now that we've got the clutch packs holding better, the OEM powedered-metal shaft is twisting & breaking with increased H.P., the next weak link.
  • 4-5-6 "Powerglide Powerpack" hub & clutch kit. Our latest improvment. This kit allows us to use the ALTO G3® HP Powerglide frictions that are twice as wide as the conventional 4-5-6 friction for double the surface area and twice the holding power! This kit incorporates custom made pressure plates for the P.G. clutch that also resist coneing & warping. This also allows us to run much higher 3-4 shift pressures in the TCM tune than we could with the conventional PowerPack for even more wot shift consistancy & reliability.
  • Century reinforced clutch hubs for increased reliability.
  • Wide inlet filter
  • The 3/5/R drum is machined to accept our sprial-lock snap ring upgrade that retains the 3/5/R piston housing. We have seen the factory snap ring fail to hold.
  • HP pump slide spring
  • HP Pump Boost Valve
  • Sonnax Pres. Regulator Valve update
  • Century's proprietary valve body ugrades including several Sonnax upgrades & updates.
  • Performance Transmission Tune Included!  A proper performance TCM tune is very important for warranty, optimum transmission performance & longevity! We tune with HP Tuners software.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • '08 and older units may require some internal factory updates at additional cost. We will advise you of updates, if needed after tear-down & inspection of your transmission.
  • Optional HP redesigned Rear Planatery with a 4140 HTSR Billet Steel Drive Plate to eliminate spline/housing failure. A must for 800 hp+ cars and 750+ hp trucks.  Cost: +$1197.00                         
  • note: we cannot warranty stock rear planetary failure in any our our builds.

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Price: $4,549.83