Street/Strip/Bracket Glide Transmission

SKU: Street/Strip/Bracket Glide Transmission

1895.00 Stock case (no core)

For vehicles with up to 750 H.P. Including the following upgrades:

  • 6 Clutch high gear pack, Which includes Borg & Warner HD frictions
  • 6 Clutch low/reverse pack, Which includes Borg & Warner HD frictions
  • HD Band(High Carbon Fiber or Kevlar)
  • Bronze band bushing
  • Oversized band adjustment screw
  • HD Hardend Stator, High flow pump w/ coated gears
  • OEM Style 1.76 Gear set
  • Hardend turbo spline input shaft
  • Double Dump Pro Tree trans brake 220psi w/ saftey reverse 2-wire solonoid
  • Billet dual ring servo w/teflon seals
  • HD High drum spring retainer
  • HD Reverse sring retainer
  • HP steel Hub assembly
  • Universal shift lever
  • Aluminum deep transmssion pan
  • Complete P/G overhaul kit(bushings/ seals and teflon rings/ Bronze screen filter)
  • 6 month warranty


Optional upgrades:

  • Vasco input shaft
  • Ringless billet shaft
  • HD 10 Clutch drum
  • JW Bell housing, Add 239.95 GM bolt pattern (call for price of other bolt patterns)
Price: $1,895.00