Econo Street Performance Transmission

SKU: Econo-Street-Performance-Transmission

$1699.00 All ex. '97 & up Corvette

$1789.00 '97 & up Corvette

For vehicles from stock to 400 r.w.h.p. Complete tranny rebuild including the following upgrades:

  • Century's H/D Shift Kit
  • 13 vane pump kit, clearanced to spec.
  • Hardened Pump Support Rings & HP Pump Slide Spring
  • Corvette 2nd apply Servo
  • Alumn. Accumulator Piston Kit (replaces plastic ones that tend to crack)
  • Century HP Wide Band (3/8 wider than OEM w/ High Carbon Fiber lining & reinforced strut ends)
  • Reverse Input Drum inspected & resurfaced to accomadate HP wide band
  • HD 8-Disc 3-4 clutch pack w/Borg & Warner frictions 
  • HP Beast sun shell
  • New 29 Element H.D. Input Sprag
  • 2-3 Check Valve Kit: improves timing between 2nd band servo release & 3rd gear apply
  • Reverse Capsule Upadate: decreases bleed oriface sixe in piston for better reverse engagement.
  • All clearances & end play set to our performance specs.
  • New Delco Shift solonoids

 All tranny builds also include all new gaskets, seals, rings, bushings, thrust washers & Sealed Power Filter. Borg & Warner HD frictions for reverse, over-run & foward clutch packs. All hard parts & electronic componets are thoroughly cleaned & inspected. All units are meticulously checked during assembly. Turn around time is 2-4 days after we recieve your unit.

6 month limited warranty


Hard parts & electronic components are at additional cost if any needed.

Price: $1,699.00