4L60E/65/70 Stg. V Transmission Build-Up

SKU: 4L60E-65-70-StgV-Transmission-Build-Up

$call All ex.'97up Corvette
$call '97up Corvette

Don't get better than this. The best of everything!

Includes everything as in the Stg. II, III, & IV with the additional upgrades:

  • 300m Billet Output Shaft

All tranny builds also include all new gaskets, seals, rings, bushings, thrust washers, Borg&Warner low/rev sprag & Sealed Power filter. Borg&Warner HD frictions for reverse, over-run, forward clutch packs. All hard parts & electronic components are thoroughly cleaned & inspected. All units are meticulously checked during assembly. Turn-around time is 2-4 days after we receive your unit


**All 1997-up units will require overrun spring retainer retro-kit. $12.95


Hard parts & Electronic components additional cost if any needed.


Optional upgrades:

  • Aluminum Deep Pan & Filter Kit: add $109.95


  • Core Charge if we provide unit $480.00 (except C5 Vette $800.00) Includes all new Delco internal electronics.
  • Corvette servo $29.95 if needed. Already comes iOEM in Vettes (of course!) & in LT1/LS1 F-Body trannys.
  • Delco internal Electronics Kit $269.95: includes all shift, pwm & EPC solenoids & pres. sensor manifold.
  • Delco TCC solenoid & harness assembly:
    • 93-95 (5 solenoid): $145.26
    • 94-96 (6 solenoid): $144.96
    • 96-02: $162.77
    • 03-up: $call
Price: $0.00