2004R Stage 1.

SKU: 2004R Stage 1

2155.95 build your unit, (correct cores are hard to come by, we will need your unit to build). Call if you need a core, we periodically have CZ, CQ, BR & BQ cores on hand for additional cost.

For vehicels from stock to 475 rwhp (11.20 max e.t. Turbo Buick). Complete tranny build including the following upgrades.

  • Century's shift kit calibrated to our specs
  • .500 boost valve, HP regualtor valve, HP 13 vane and rotor kit assy. with hardened pump rings
  • Hardend stator support shaft
  • HP Wide band w/reinforced struts & lined with Kevlar or Carbon Fiber
  • Billet band anchor pin
  • HP pump slide spring
  • Supershaft Cryo Drum: Stock foward drum shaft is beefed up by tig welding additional material right below splines, Where they are prone to twisting and breaking off. Then the entire drum & shaft is cryo-treated.
  • Rollerized rear center support with new bushing
  • HD third clutch kit, 7 BorgWarner HD frictions (one extra clutch over stock)
  • HD forth clutch kit, We modify forth clutch apply piston to add an additional clutch (total of three clutches) BorgWarner HD frictions.
  • New overdrive sprag
  • New low/reverse sprag
  • Teflon coated pump bushing
  • New selective pump thrush washer & new selective button washer to obtain proper end play
  • BorgWarner HD frictions are also installed in foward, low/reverse and overrun clutch packs
  • New output shaft & direct drum bushings
  • Heat dissipating case coating
Price: $2,155.95